Exfoliating Mitt


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The Perfect Tan Exfoliating Mitt is a must have for tanners, ideal for skin preparation ensuring a flawless even self tan. Use the exfoliating mitt to lift dead skin cells, buff and refine your skin revealing revitalised and ready-to-tan skin. Plus use it throughout the wear of your tan to ensure that it fades away naturally.

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After bathing or showering, wet the Mitt and squeeze out any excess water. For optimal results use on clean skin, free of soap or moisturiser. Rub skin in a vertical direction, increase the pressure gradually until your desired effect is obtained. Rinse your Mitt with warm water after each use.


Hand wash your mitt with warm water (no soap or detergent) and leave to dry before next use. Repeat between applications. Do not iron. Do not beach. Line dry in the shade. Do not leave damp.


Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Mitt can be used multiple times, replace once Mitt starts to deteriorate.


Made from 100% viscose leaving your skin smooth and supple for a superior tan.

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